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Aloha - Music of Hawaii

Product No. 2066

Waves roar, blazing torches, and hula dancers move agilely across the white beach. A group of indigenous people is accompanied by countless drums in a ritual Huna. The view sweeps across the lush hills of Hawaii and the turquoise sea. Michael Reimann spreads in 12 songs a grand, colorful panorama of the paradisiacal island nation - from carpets to authentic sound dreamy vocal pieces to heated rhythms.


EUR 17.95

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  1. Aloha
  2. Waterdrum
  3. Ritual
  4. Rainforest
  5. Hòoponopono
  6. Ukulele-Dance
  7. Trance
  8. Earth-Fairies
  9. Maui Soul
  10. Children`s Play
  11. Happy Hawaii
  12. Magic Flute